Recycling Your Wax

I love recycling and have recycling boxes for everything... much to my husband’s joy. Today is Global Recycling Day so I thought what better time to post about recycling your wax and associated things!

I try to ensure everything in my products, from the packaging to the product itself is as easy to recycle as possible.  All of my outer packaging and bags are either paper or card and can be easily recycled alongside any other household paper and card.

If you've ordered a bag of wax melts, the glassine bag the melts come in is also fully recyclable alongside your household paper and card.  If you've ordered one of my new jars of melts, the glass jars are fully recyclable when you're finished - unless you want a refill of course!

Some items need a bit of extra protection in the post, so if your order comes with any protective bubble wrap this can't be easily recycled, although some councils do now offer this and some supermarkets can recycle it.  Any bubble wrap you receive in a package from me has always been used at least once before to minimise waste.

Candle wax itself isn't the easiest thing to recycle, but there is a great little company in Devon called The Recycled Candle Company that take scrap wax and recycle it into new candles.

They take scrap wax in any form, you can drop it off to the address below if you're in that part of the country or post it to the same address.

The Recycled Candle Company
16 Gandy Street

They accept absolutely all types of old candles, even tea lights and glass, as well as scented or coloured waxes.

If you want to send wax to them, they recommend staying inside the parameters of a small parcel by Royal Mail, which has dimensions of 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and weighing under 2kg. The small parcel is far cheaper to post than anything bigger or heavier.

Happy recycling!