Why Wax Melts?

I have always been a huge fan of home fragrancing and probably have more candles than I need.... although this year I didn’t get any for Christmas…. I wonder why????

A couple of years ago I was introduced to wax melts.  Unlike candles, wax melts are individual pieces of wax that are melted in a ceramic wax melter without coming into direct contact with a naked flame.  As the wax is being warmed rather than burnt, a greater scent throw is created so a small wax melt goes a long way!

Each wax melt should burn three to four times before the scent throw begins to reduce. To reuse simply light a new tea-light underneath to remelt the wax. The strength of a scent’s throw is personal depending on your sense of smell. So judge it yourself, if you can’t smell it anymore it’s time for a new melt! I find my sense of smell changes all the time...!

Once you have finished with the wax and it has lost its scent you can either bin it or as I like to recycle it - more details on this in a later blog.

The other thing I love about wax melts is that it is much easier to try new scents without breaking the bank... You know when you are in a shop and sniff a candle that smells amazing?  That scent is called the cold throw.  When you burn a candle, the scent is called the hot throw.  A candle's hot and cold throw are not always the same, so until you have actually bought and lit a candle it is always difficult to know if you are actually going to like the scent!  The same is true for wax melts, but it only costs a few pounds for a single bag of wax melts - so not so much of an investment to see if you like that new scent! 

If you're very new to wax melts I also sell a mixed bag - eight different melts, each a different scent and all individually labelled so you can keep a track of your favourites!

So that's why I'm a wax melt convert... stronger fragrance, easier to try new scents, and the melters look so pretty!